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Companies that offer high quality windows and doors the most popular one is the uPVC version. The term uPVC stands for Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride and this material has attained so much popularity because of the numerous benefits associated to it. Some of them are being discussed herein.

  • It is energy efficient
  • It is much safer to use
  • It is more cost-effective than other materials
  • Lastly, it requires minimum maintenance

Let us disuses how energy efficient windows installed on your Mechanicsburg house will work:

Energy efficiency

  • Each window and door made from this raw material would offer excellent insulation properties during winters and similarly, they keep the area cooler during summers.
  • This is generally because of the reason that this material offers much better quality thermal insulation than other raw materials used in residential doors like aluminium, wood, etc.
  • In the summer season, you’ll find it reflecting the entire heat energy sent by the sun towards you thereby keeping the area much cooler during the summer season.
  • A very remarkable benefit is that it’ll help you save a significant amount of money as well that you would have paid as electricity bills.
  • One more point is that if you replace your uPVC window, it could be recycled. Therefore, it is also an eco-friendly option.

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In the past few years, window-manufacturing technology has evolved at a rapid pace. Today, the transoms are inexpensive, energy-efficient, durable, easy to operate and maintain. These high performance house windows not only make your abode more comfortable, but also help to bring down your electricity bill. Let's take a look at the features that go into making high performance casements.

  1. Low-e coating- The windowpanes of the traditional casements allow sunlight to pass through them throughout the day. Conversely, in the night, owing to radiative heat loss, the heat energy gained during the day once again goes back to the exteriors. To perk up the thermal strength of glass, a thin, virtually invisible metallic coating is applied on it. This low-e coating allows short-wave solar radiations to come in, but keep out long-wave sunrays. In simple words, it reflects the heat energy back to its source. Consequently, neither the interior heat is lost in winters nor exterior heat is gained in summers. You are actually able to cut down heating and cooling costs significantly.
  2. Gas fill- The space between the glazed glasses is filled with inert gas like argon, krypton or xenon. These non-reactive gases are chemically more stable. As they are heavier than air, therefore, they prevent heat loss due to convection. They also have lesser conductivity and for this reason, they proficiently avert loss of heat because of conduction. Thus, the gas fills effectively optimize the thermal performance as well as energy efficiency of house windows.
  3. Energy-efficient spacers-Despite of the presence of low-e coating and gas fill, heat loss as the result of conduction cannot be prevented if the spacers at the edge of the transoms are thermally inefficient. In conventional casements, spacers are usually made of aluminum. They are strong, durable and lightweight, but they literally to stop conduction heat loss. Structural foam is a better option as it is less conductive and thereby enhances the overall thermal performance of the house windows.
  4. Insulated frames- Yet another thermally weak link, window frames are responsible for one-third of heat loss. As compared to metal, fiberglass is a better choice because it is a poor conductor of heat. By decreasing the frame area, heat loss can be further reduced. However, with the decrease in the width of the frame, its strength also dwindles. Hence, stronger material should be used so as to make the frame a bit more resilient while keeping its thermal performance intact.
  5. Special films- To boost up the effectiveness of low-e coating, electrochromic films are placed in the space between the glazed glasses. These special films allow sunlight to pass through them, but they competently reduce the overall emissivity of the glass pane. In west-facing windows, if solar transmission is heating up the interiors of the house, then opt for special films that lower solar gains together with emissivity.

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You might not think a window gap is a big problem, but it is. Although it's a tiny opening, it is big enough to create an adverse airflow, which lowers the energy efficiency of your home. That translates into a significant increase in your home heating and cooling bills each month.

A window gap is common in old homes due to settling. But they can also occur in new homes due to poor window installation or an improper fit. And whether an old or a new house, if one window has a small opening, chances are all the other windows in your home do as well.

A window gap causes unstable temperatures in your home all the time. Although you set your thermostat for a certain temperature, the air in your home is escaping through the small window opening, while at the same time, outside air is flowing in. As a result of this constant airflow, your heating and cooling systems are working overtime to maintain the set temperature.

While there are numerous measures to take to fix a window gap, the easiest and less expensive option is a draft blocker. It is a type of insulated material that fits tightly into the opening. It can be fitted under the window sill and around the window frame to block the airflow.

By blocking a window gap, you can save up to 25% on your energy bills each year. That's because your heating system will no longer be working overtime in the cold weather months to maintain the set temperature. The same holds true in the warmer months. Your cooling system or air conditioners will not have to work as hard to keep your home cool.

When using a draft stopper to address a window gap, use one that is durable. Look for an exterior constructed from strong polypropylene material and an interior made with good insulating material, such as finely ground corn cob filler. This allows it to be flexible to shape around your window sill and frame.

A draft blocker is a simple and cost effective window gap fix that requires no maintenance beyond a quick washing now and then. They are around 3 inches wide by 42 inches long and fit a standard size window and some custom sized ones. There's no installation fixtures, simply put them in place so they fit snugly round the window frame and sill.

Although it's a small opening, a window gap can cause serious water damage during a hurricane, heavy rainstorm, or snowstorm. But an absorbent sock can prevent water from seeping in, especially large amounts at a time during a continuous downpour or windswept rain. It is an inexpensive fixture that can absorb and contain up to a gallon of water at one time. It can be used over and over again with little maintenance needed.

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